Indian Dunes Motocross History

In the early 1970’s we were just pedal pushing our bikes in and around the LA basin. Off in the local hills, into the canyons and grabbing any air we could off of the jumps we built at local vacant lots. If you were really lucky, you had suckered your parents into buying you a motorcycle so you could get out and twist the throttle a bit. Most of my buddies and I rode an XR 75 or YZ 80 and we would race against each other on every track, trail or dirt road we could find. 

On weekends, we would hit the “Dunes” to go riding. Indian Dunes was without a doubt the mecca for moto! Just a short drive from LA, The Dunes had it all!  A Mini Cycle track, the Shadow Glen Track, and the International track. There was also an oval track for flat track racing as well as a small river and sand wash that ran through the property. The entire Indian Dunes park was over 600 acres with over 400 acres of trails to cruise around. From hardpack to soft sand and everything in between, the dunes had something for everyone to ride and race on. 

Just about every weekend Indian Dunes was host to some of the fastest racers in California. Local superstar riders, as well as National caliber racers, were fixtures at the Dunes. In addition, the Dunes hosted local celebrities and movie stars who liked to ride and race including that of the legendary Steve McQueen.  

Our company has been manufacturing the finest in Moto race apparel, helmets and protective wear since 1970. Our head office is still based just a few miles away from our favorite track of all time. We are proud to bring you Indian Dunes Originals. Daily wear that brings you a little piece of your youth and a time gone by. A time when getting dirty daily felt right. When beating your buddies to the finish line defined your entire existence. No cell phones or video games needed. 




Indian Dunes Movie History

There were also a ton of television and movie films created on-site at Indian Dunes.  Rawhide starring Clint Eastwood was filmed on the famed site.  The Color Purple, Escape from New York, McGyver, The Fall Guy, The A-Team, CHIPs, Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Incredible Hulk along with countless other memorable Movies and TV shows were all shot at the Dunes.  Sadly, its most famous filming was that of The Twilight Zone movie in 1982 in which Vic Morrow and two child actors lost their lives in a helicopter accident.